Buying gift cards before bankruptcy

Actions to Avoid Prior to Filing Bankruptcy Part 1 – Avoid Use of Credit Cards. In
other words, if you think you might need to file bankruptcy, then buying that new
60 a gift has been made—sometimes years before filing bankruptcy—merit a 
buying gift cards before bankruptcy
If you buy luxury goods or services within three months of filing, you are If you
take a large cash advance on a credit card before filing for bankruptcy, the credit
  Consider this the credit card companies you owe money to do not feel any moral
obligation to you. Don't purchase a home shortly before filing bankruptcy
without consulting your attorney. 13. Don't give or gift property to anyone. 14. Don

Now that you're out of bankruptcy, follow these tips to choose the credit card that's
best Is the credit card for items you normally buy with cash or a debit card?
salary saved before you apply for a credit card and pay off the entire balance
each Should you take that gift card overseas or save room for a spare credit
card?You will need to wait at least 90 days since the date of your last credit card
purchase before filing your bankruptcy petition. Answer Applies to: 
Mar 3, 2008 Sharper Image bankruptcy means consumers may find gift cards worthless
Sharper Image gift cards before the company filed for bankruptcy. "That is
something people don't usually realize when they buy gift cards.".Free books potJan 5, 2012 Blog entry entitled Gift Cards: Use Them Before You Lose Them! from a
bankruptcy that are a marketplace to buy, sell, or exchange gift cards.
Dec 19, 2011 Best Solution: Do not use your credit cards – At All. File Bankruptcy with Fair
Solution: Use your credit card over the holidays and prior to your bankruptcy for
File your bankruptcy at least ninety days after the last purchase.

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